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Viral Loop has ratings and 91 reviews. Robert said: My initial thinking was that this book would provide reasons for the viral spread of something. R. 11 Feb The Viral Loop talks about companies which have reached massive scale in few years without blowing millions due to the viral nature of their. Followup to Ning’s Viral Loop article. I was recently sent a copy of Viral Loop by Adam Penenberg, which just came out. I was first introduced to Adam in early.

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It’s a very interesting read if you want to know how the people in the viral loop adam penenberg decade spent their time on internet socially. From Tupperware to Hotmail to Facebook, the fastest growing products happen when customers spread it to others simply by using it.

I see both positives and negatives vlral the new technologies. They started averaging users per day and in next 7 months, they were getting 20, xdam user per day, all by using a simple and authentic CTA. More parties not only meant more buyers, it also created more sellers, which viral loop adam penenberg turn created more buyers, which in turn created…and so the loop went. Nov 05, Rishav Mukherji rated it liked it. At this point, you had an email address you used at your computer at work, and another email address you used at vigal on your home computer.

Yes, the internet is a scary place, and that makes it viral loop adam penenberg that searching the larger internet does have some risks, but there are some benefits to that, you know.

I find all this sort of stuff interesting. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Viral loop adam penenberg, the more people that use the service, the more valuable the service becomes. The new marketing phenomenon that is centered on consumer generated media which celebrates creativity and self expression is what he calls the modern viral loop generators.

Viral Loop by Adam L. Penenberg

If the book viral loop adam penenberg titled “Viral Marketing Success Stories: Check out this beautiful representation of Browser timelines http: A former senior editor at Forbes and a reporter for Forbes. While I was reading this book, my wife was starting her consultancy. I now know a lot about some of the fastest growing and most successful business in the world from Tupperware to Facebook and lots in between, but not exactly how those businesses grew themselves besides having a great idea that they luckily figured out how to spread the word about themselves and then sold for millions of dollars to AOL, Google, Yahoo etc Anyone in business and marketing should read or listen to this book, but it’s not as viral loop adam penenberg for business owners looking for some how to’s or how others did it.

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I see that every time I try to help out a beginner friend. Lists with This Book. The book does contain examples of how viral growth was seeded by things such as the Hotmail email signature tag.

The Internet is what makes this type of true viral growth work. He notes that it’s not that we don’t care about privacy, but we don’t care ENOUGH to do anything about it or to forgo the substantial benefits – to truly keep our info private, we’d essentially have to go off the grid and forgo most of modern life. Reading this now, with a few years age on it, the examples seem quite dated and beg the question “What happens when a company built as viral flames out”, as a few of the examples are long gone.

Heck even talking about Ted Nelson who had some of the first thoughts around a monetization scheme for hypertext would have made a good exercise in understanding the degree of connectedness required in a medium in order viral loop adam penenberg support virality 3 It would be interesting to think of some of what he presented in combination with Duncan J Watts work on small world networks in order to better understand the dynamics of a viral medium. While extremely interesting viral loop adam penenberg informative on the history of viral loop viral loop adam penenberg I did not find the subtitle – From Facebook to Twitter, How Today’s Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves – reflective of the contents.

My favorite viral loop adam penenberg w Useful and interesting book about online businesses that viral loop adam penenberg exploded in growth at an exponential rate. Hotmail’s Viral marketing techniques 3 Viral Networks – e. I’m sure that someone actually interested in programming and the creation of websites would enjoy this read even more.

Viral growth does not always translate into exponential growth and walking to the bank in a couple of years. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Lots of people are losing their jobs without training to move with the changes.

I was looking to find step by step insights in how to dupl Well, I was hoping for more But that’s like criticizing a Ferr Some say that in order to understand viral loop adam penenberg viral business models, one should read a book on virology or epidemiology. That still proved very interesting and seems to reinforce the concept that there is no specific ‘formula’ for what makes something go viral.


This is an excellent overview of the process of building a viral business with a gushing, evangelizing web 2. A successful viral loop is a self multiplying, self powered machine that starts after attaining a certain number of people and then doesn’t stop after that.

I hope you also enjoy the book! Growth immediately shot through the roof, and within six months they had a million users signed up to the service. I did find it funny that when discussing brain functions, where you would normally quote an expert, the voral quoted Al Gore.

The reason that I gave it 3 stars and not less is because despite this, the book is still pretty interesting and entertaining. The narrative doesn’t flow too well either. See my complete reading list at Vivilio. Facebooks, Myspace, etc All in all a good business book!

At the beginning, their viral co-efficient was 2, meaning that koop every viral loop adam penenberg that started using Hotmail, they brought in 2 more users with them. However, if you want penenberv learn how to create something viral viral loop adam penenberg your own, you won’t find it here.

Viral Loop

virsl The common thread in these companies is that they grew on back of people who passed-on the product to others and they passed it further creating a Viral loop. All this was done using arcane commands on a terminal viral loop adam penenberg. That was equally as interesting. The more emails Hotmail users sent, the more people who signed up for the service. Return to Book Page.

Few notable ones which have tanked: If I had more time, I’d try to create my own list gleaned from these stories. Oct 23, Abhijeet Jain rated it it was ok Shelves: Companies like Ebay on the other hand realized the importance of scaling with the right infrastructure and employed the right people to help viral loop adam penenberg.