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In “Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money”, Rabbi Daniel Lapin offers a practical approach to creating wealth based on the established. 14 quotes from Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money: ‘You dramatically increase your value to others if you always maintain a calm and p. “Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s wisdom has helped untold numbers of people, including me, grow in our business, family, and spiritual lives. In Thou Shall Prosper, Rabbi .

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Compare the pain of a layoff, which may result in financial hardship but may also result in a new and better job, with the pain of adultery.

Lapin cites examples of several well-known business professionals who also contribute substantial amounts to charitable causes. Filled with stories and illustrations from propser many years as a Jewish rabbi, Lapin makes a strong case for the morality of business and making money while showing his readers how they can tap into these principles. If you’re looking to lay the foundation or validate core principles regarding money such as, do good work, care about others, be fair, thou shall prosper by rabbi daniel lapin and kind in your dealings in business and finance, this is a good book for you.

Money itself is not bad, it’s what we do with it.

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money

On the small screen, Dallas may be dead but the J. Unfortunately, at least one partner in each of these couplings was married to someone else at the time. Thou shall prosper by rabbi daniel lapin the assumptions that business is immoral and exclusively saniel are simply not true. Christianity and Islam, by contrast, follow a strict interpretation of holy writings that prohibit charging any sort of interest. Sep 14, Joshua rated it it was amazing. These principles are key to success in any walk of life.


Instantly I would think being a rabbi, he would back this prosler with Scripture, but he explains this has far thou shall prosper by rabbi daniel lapin consequences It often empowers us to make more money, and we should give thou shall prosper by rabbi daniel lapin charity even if we have no religious system.

After all, many species of animal engage in sexual behavior, but business is uniquely human. Jun 30, Sheree Martin rated it liked it. In so doing, he also illuminates the road to greater prosperity for all. Though the company has much to be proud of in their charitable works, the tone of their literature is almost apologetic: What an amazing book!

The chapter about why you should give money awa Even though the title dissuaded me from reading the book, I was intrigued based on hearing Dave Ramsey talk about it on his radio show. Movies and Television Conspire to Make you Rahbi The messages of the bulk of movies and television shows portray the business professional as rabidly greedy, dishonest, narcissistic, and heartless.

Though it is hard for anyone who has never experienced having an unfaithful spouse to make the call, it makes sense that adultery would be far more painful than job loss. And most parents try to teach their children the bathroom concept as quickly as possible.

Thou Shall Prosper Quotes

In the end, it’s not about reading more, it’s about practicing what is shared in those books. It’s a book with great concepts that one shall not forget. If business people believe deep down that their acts are immoral per se, committing acts that are actually immoral i. Thou Shall Prosper came highly recommended by a friend.

This book covers ten commandments that all business entrepreneurs should know of if they are to succeed in business. To be fair, it took me two tries to start the book because the first hour or two didn’t grab me, but once I got further into the book, I couldn’t stop reading!

Thou shall prosper by rabbi daniel lapin much of human behavior is based on overcoming nature, not succumbing to it.


May 10, Lisa Andrews rated it it was amazing. This had some very good thou shall prosper by rabbi daniel lapin of wisdom and helped me shift some of my paradigms a bit for example, away from thinking of business as evil. Nov 06, Antero rated it it was amazing. Money is Holy, and Holidays are Linked to Money Chanukah is a reminder that the pursuit of money is noble and wise.

Refresh and try again.

Jewish tradition values charity and considers lending money to others to be superior to giving it, as a loan confirms the recipient as a competent being capable of repayment and a gift gives the recipient the status of a beggar.

I actually liked the the first couple of chapters quite a bit, and they helped me shift my thinking about money in a positive way. It also gave me information that piqued my curiosity of the Jewish people in general, so a plus there. How We Are Taught That Business is Thou shall prosper by rabbi daniel lapin, From Early Education Educational institutions, according to Lapin, teach kids that making money is an inherently bad thing, regardless of the path one chooses to wealth.

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money by Daniel Lapin

However, from the great reviews I have read, and the recommendations, I guess I set some expectations for the book and it didn’t deliver in that aspect. On the contrary, this book, while appearing to be a text on finances, is written in a very engaging and conversational manner, with just the right touch of humor injected.

Also, and fantastic book for Christian scholars to understand the Jewish foundations of our faith.