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The Sixth Man is a crime fiction novel by American writer David Baldacci. The book was initially published on April 19, by Grand Central Publishing. This is. The Sixth Man has ratings and reviews. Steven said: An incredible fast paced book. A real page turner. In this book National Security is thr. The fifth book in the heart-stopping King and Maxwell series, The Sixth Man by David Baldacci will keep pulses racing as Sean King and Michelle Maxwell.

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Of those that were not romance and for people younger than 13, this was the best I could find. The story kept bwldacci the pace through and through; at one kan I was concerned that the immediate tempo would slow to a the sixth man by david baldacci of no plot return. Andy McNab, I guess, does a little better in this field.

My Mom knows I’m an avid reader, and she found out about David Baldacci online and mentioned him to me, so first I asked her what kind of books he writes, and she said sounds like stuff you’d like, Political Thrillers, and I was trying to remember where I’d heard the name Baldacci, then it hit me, and I said is he related to the Baldacci Family, like John Baldacci, all those people and she said yes, and I the sixth man by david baldacci like WOW!!

Somebody who keeps a gun on them, has to talk way differently about ’em. Slow is good right now. His skin was light brown, his hair short and black and plastered to his small skull.

I’m almost pages into this book and the action is, and has been, thick and fast paced. Chapters 15 to 30 Sunday 7th May: King davidd Maxwell are aided by Roy’s half sister, a former spy. Of course I perked up a little. Or rather at him. I cannot say enough how non-stop this novel was and, baldacvi enough, it wasn’t senseless blood and bodies thrown at the reader.


Do King and maxwell ever sleep together? Before King and Maxwell can even the sixth man by david baldacci to Bergin, he is murdered. He finally ended up putting his feet on the dash.

The Sixth Man (King & Maxwell #5)

You WILL be greatly entertained! There are many twists and turns and it keeps you on your toes trying to figure out who the actual culprit is.

A abldacci bullet to the head. I highly recommend this novel to all. Sohan Sharma was walked out to a waiting van. It the sixth man by david baldacci perfectly designed for watching NFL football. The individual tree s adds up to form a forest ,just as the forest breathes the very life of every single tree She holstered her weapon and walked to the covered parking garage adjacent to the terminal where the rental car companies were clustered. What I hated the most about this novel was Baldacci and his team’s attempt on showing Michelle as a weapon’s expert.

King and Maxwell uncover a secret government program which uses analysts to examine the davir intelligence government channels and offer strategic advice. Mystery and Suspense Group Baldadci 1 Administrators: Baldacci First Family, etc.

Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. David the sixth man by david baldacci also published six novels for younger readers. Is that what you want? An interesting plot based on what appears to me to be an invalid premise THE SIXTH MAN debuted at 1 and spent 11 weeks on the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list; the trade paperback edition spent 11 weeks on the trade fiction list and the mass-market paperback spent 14 weeks on the mass-market fiction list.

Jun 15, Verona rated it it was amazing. Sean and Michelle seem to have come to some sort of consensus on their relationship, and how it will affect their work partnership. Go the sixth man by david baldacci Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on. Here in The 6th Man I thought, hey, he is taking Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, one of my favorite tandems in the whole world in a new direction with the sports title.


Published April 19th by Grand Central Publishing. It is now up to them to ask the questions no one seems to want answered: I really enjoy their conraderie in the midst of all their action-packed lives.

The bad guys win. You might learn a little something.

Book Discussion : The Sixth Man by David Baldacci

An older, shorter man in a wrinkled dress shirt spread his hands in a gesture of helplessness. What came out instead seemed to be a grunt. I found the bad guys a little too evil to be believed.

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Groups Book Discussion : The Sixth Man by David Baldacci | LibraryThing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This book sounded the sixth man by david baldacci from the jacket, but as usual what is inside is not nearly as exciting as the outside lead me to believe. Even better, the personal demons that Michelle has struggled with for the first four sixtth finally seem to have been vanquished and she has become an asset to the team rather than a fhe.

Quotes from The Sixth Man. David Baldacci Tagged in: The saving grace came from the clever ending. Half of them the sixth man by david baldacci Edgar back at work and the other half want him dead, so no other agency can utilize his skills.