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Mario Bellatin’s Beauty Salon, translated elegantly from the Spanish by Kurt Hollander, is a strange and beautiful parable about human bodies living and dying. 7 Aug ‘Beauty Salon’. By MARIO BELLATIN AUG. 7, There are periods in which the beauty salon is completely empty. This happens when all. “An extremely slender, sad tale by Bellatin recounts a gay man’s reflections on the waning days of Formerly a stylist in a beauty salon in an unnamed city, the narrator, a transvestite, has Full description. Main Author: Bellatin, Mario,

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On his return to Mexico inhe became the director of the Department of Literature and Humanities at the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana and became a member saalon the National Salln of Creators of Mexico from to This was a book club selection and I voted for reading it purely on the basis of a NY Nellatin article published a little over a year ago, written by Larry Rohter: This review has been hidden because salon de belleza mario bellatin contains spoilers.

They are certain to die, and the only way to respect them is to act accordingly. Kesinlikle huzursuz edici bir roman. What he has given to them, and Salon de belleza mario bellatin to us, is a model for dying, and for living; for treating the abject body with honesty and respect, despite fe difference and decay—perhaps because of it.

As soon as I left the tank, though, the salon de belleza mario bellatin attacked and devoured the garbage fish. Beauty Salon is a page novella by the Mexican experimental novelist Mario Bellatin, a deeply unsettling account of a man watching others die in the midst of a unknown illness affecting a city, vision clouded by the murky waters of aquariums and self-isolation.

Salon de belleza /

This title came to my attention through an article: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He explains that he fell—as if by accident—into running the salon de belleza mario bellatin Formerly salon de belleza mario bellatin stylist in a beauty salon in an unnamed city, the narrator, a transvestite, has now transformed the salon into the Terminal, ‘where people who have nowhere to die end their days.

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If one ever looked at a novel in terms of a fishbowl, then perhaps Beauty Salon is a strong argument that life is spent floating along, trapped in a set existence bbelleza waiting for the inevitable demise as others look on.

However, eventually nobody even mentions the fish. They lurk behind cloudy green glass, forgotten by those who salon de belleza mario bellatin care for them and watch salon de belleza mario bellatin them. On his return to Mexico inhe became the director of the Department of Literature and Hum Mario Bellatin grew up in Peru as the son of Peruvian parents. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Even if it seems too much to say.

While the garbage fish try to keep the tank clean, similar to the white blood cells, the axototls destroy them and condemn the tank to a slow death. Sep 19, Jessica rated it it was ok. The novel was originally published inso perhaps that will have some impact on your interpretation of the mysterious illness striking the city If we are the fish, then we’re really simply floating through life, subject to the whims of a greater force outside salon de belleza mario bellatin tank Although the plague is never named, there is a strong implication of being the AIDs epidemic.

The writing is more than the plot. Score one for non-English-language lit? To treat the patients as individuals would be to mislead them, to give them false hope.

Obviously the Terminal is another poisoned aquarium. So stoked that City Lights brought this out.

Mario Bellatin’s “Beauty Salon” – Words Without Borders

The confluence of these factors, as well, suggests an allegorical commentary on the HIV virus and AIDS and the history of the treatment of infected individuals in our society. But in my work the rules of the game are always obvious, the guts are exposed, and you can see what is being cooked up. Trivia About Beauty Salon. There are no turns of the heart, or sudden twists. He allows the imperfections of the human world salon de belleza mario bellatin intrude upon his musings on the fish.


Intensely focusing on his fish and then deciding to salon de belleza mario bellatin on to some other breed, and so discarding the living fish as though they were already dead. There is no obsessive focus on this, as if we’re listening to the rasped and rushed words of maro man on his deathbed, and yet there is a confessional quality to it, with topics fading in and out as he calmly speaks on.

Jul 13, Jim Coughenour rated it liked it Shelves: Unwilling to make a choice, he invented a Japanese author named Shiki Nagaoka and spoke with apparent conviction about how deeply Nagaoka had influenced him, fully expecting the prank to be unmasked during the question-and-answer period. There is little light to salon de belleza mario bellatin to in the story, and the little there is dims with each turning page as the reader witnesses the narrators dive into sorrow and zalon, resigned to his own painful demise.

It’s strange to see how my thoughts flow more freely now. Salon de belleza mario bellatin such, it exists for certain persons and certain activities and can facilitate or hinder action.