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Dive deep into Susan Minot’s Monkeys with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. 8 Aug NATIONAL BESTSELLER In this luminous story of family life–the first novel by Susan Minot, author of the highly acclaimed Evening–the seven. 7 May A rather well-off family in Massachusetts with seven children (the “”monkeys”” of the title) has a father who drinks too much, a mother who dies.

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Starting with the first chapter, each chapter is separated into different interconnected aspects of the Vincent family life. Honestly, I don’t know.

View monkeys susan minot 8 comments. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Even at their young ages monkeys susan minot children know that their father has a problem, and wish to save their mother and themselves by pleading with him to stop. May 7,V, p. Connections between events are lacking as well as motivations for the actions and responses of the characters.

Dad’s drinking is handled with a similar overdramatization in “”The Navigator,”” as is, but more forgivably, a son’s acting out of grief in “”Accident. She even gives the children nicknames so the reader can feel closer to the children.

Also, how close can an author get to autobiography and still call it fiction? Brightly Raise kids who love to read. Truthfully, Monkeys didn’t have to be a bad book–oh, but there’s the author, burying herself in the very first story. Yet, throughout all the bedlam, we still manage to catch undertones of their need to protect one another, and of the fierce devotion that exists between them.


Talk of multiple boyfriends and girlfriends are brought to light, as well as other illegal activities. None of the events of the book really shaped any one character any more than life shapes each one of us. A quick, brutally sad little story. Salinger has monkeys susan minot American monkeys susan minot so feelingly evoked the special affections and loyalties that may develop among children in a large family. Monkeys susan minot story tells about a father who drinks too much and is an absent father and the mother who tries to fill in all the gaps of parenting while keeping a home.

But they are never answered. Minot takes her readers on a journey of the Vincent family, a rather large family with seven kids and many obstacles providing road blocks along way.

Following Mums accident things begin to fall apart. For those who appreciate good characterization, poignant messages, and powerful imagery, Monkeys will certainly not disappoint. Children watch time and time again as Mums face monkeys susan minot up at Dads responses.

That being raised Catholic has caused the children to grow closer to their mother than to their father, who does not attend church at all. Unlike a novel, Monkeys has no monkeys susan minot narrative arc.


Susan Minot is an award-winning novelist, short-story writer, poet, and screenwriter. Susan Minot’s writing in this book has you needing to read between the lines to get the full story. It brings to light the ways in which strong issues are brushed under the rug until the entire family is ready to confront them, and how small issues monkeys susan minot blow ways monkeys susan minot of proportion.

I had to fill up the blank spaces with my imagination. Then the first condition is also fulfilled: Terrifying events occur—the father dumps a glass of ice water over his head in the restaurant, Gus, Jr. Oct 04, Sarah Schulz added it. How it won a French book award, I do not understand. This fact is cemented when the family is at their beach house and decides after a long night of carrying their wasted father up the monkeys susan minot to confront him about his drinking over breakfast.


There is nothing stronger than the bond between family.

Monkeys by Susan Minot |

Some excerpts from other reviews: A monkeys susan minot of vignettes about a New England family. However, Minot gives each child a distinct voice, a profound personality that has the tendency to engrave itself in mijot mind. Vintage Books, New York, Overall, the stories are okay; they’re not that intriguing, but they fit together nicely. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. They bury themselves in their stupidity, and one can’t help but scr There are writers who make mistakes.

A haunting story about a big monkeys susan minot and loss.

Thought this might be a contender to monkeys susan minot weeded from my shelves, but now I think it’s going to stay. It’s a literary device that I sort of monkeyys, and in this case it’s done well. And how can that story seem so rich in spite of the sparse prose?