Good luck summoner and remember, you don’t need a map. Depending on how your other teammates did during early game, it’ll be challenging to get comfortable during the mid game. Always remember though that this is merely a guide, and you can experiment with your own keystone masteries and see what fits you and your playstyle best. Double-Edged Sword vs Feast: Thunderlord’s Decree has grown tremendously in popularity since the Season 6 masteries were first released, and Grasp of the Undying rose to replace Bond of Stone for the majority of tanky laners. Draktar for the early kill potential with Sheen, Muramana maxed and IBG but I think they Muramana not maxing and reaching its full potential will hamper your damage. Your first back should be an automatic Sheen, it hurts way too much whenever you use Q and you’ll be sending the opposing duo back home a lot assuming that you land almost all of those Q’s intended for them.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Thunderlord’s Decree, but wow the synergy with it on Ezreal, a simple E-Q-AA and it procs considering that the homing strike from E hits your intended target , with that being said you should proc TD as much as possible as this will eventually lead to the opposing duo to recall and miss a ton of gold and experience. If you want personal help about the mastery page for a specific champion or team composition even during the Champion Select, consider purchasing our LoL Duo Queue Boost Service for personal assistance in game. Quintessence of Attack Speed. However we still prefer speccing into Cunning if you want to be more aggressive in the early game. A really good tip, that improved my dps is to set a button for normal cast q I think that you normally use smart cast as you can then see the trajectory of your q and you can hit it easier. If you liked our article, check our site in the next days for more content. They will do everything to ruin my game, and I just do not understand what to do with them. The majority of marksman take fervor now.


Bandit vs Dangerous Game: I get this item when facing champions like Lux, Zed or Leona. I call it this because you have to be quick on the W and E to get that attack speed buff from W, it may be short, but it could possibly win you some 1v1’s.

Engage, escape, outplay, just gotta know how to use it.

Blue Ezreal ADC Gameplay – Playing with a passive support – Season 6 League of Legends – Vloggest

Muramana dmg on your Q makes up for a lot of the dmg you might otherwise be missinf. You have soraka, they have Sona. As for the previous two pages, the choice between Oppressor and Bounty Hunter is very situational, so pick the tier 4 mastery after considering your support and your expectations from the game. Should be a masterries with the pen and passive that he applies on Q.

This last page ends our guide. People used to Build Ezreal without Muramana in Season 2 and his mana costs are pretty much the same.

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Asassin: Remember that the added damage is over time, so if you harass your enemy under turret you will get aggro. Patron Hall of Fame.

Almost every support can pair up with Lucian, as he is very versatile in his playstyle. The matchup difficulties are lane only also.

Lucian: The LoL S-tier Marksman, a guide by a challenger player

Generally, if you plan on using Ezreal, you gotta have quick fingers on QWERDF whatever bindings you’ve set because you won’t maximize Ezreal’s damage potential and assassin-like eliminations. Featured post Soraka Fanart.

For tier 2Feast is always the best option. By the 20 minute mark you should have Triforce and Essence Reaver, or at least a thousand or less gold before you get to build Reaver. However, some sustained damage dealers are going back to Deathfire Touch for the increased damage over time. Rush Draktar then Sheen. Kog maw also got nerfed in 6. We take the attack speed as a tier 1 choice, since these champions benefit mostly from that over the extra ability damage.


Levels to fight him: Read 6 more replies. I’m feeding hard playing as LB. If you want more attack speed for those tricky last hits under turret, feel free to split points. This is the go-to mastery for pure tanks who just need to survive teamfights and CC the enemy team for the longest time possible.

Of course I’ll need my intro poster. In the mid lane, Thunderlord’s Decree is still very popular amongst the burst casters and assassins. I just explained in the guide It’s procs while not consistent hurt more too.

Guide LoL Jhin, ADC, S9 – Millenium

To put it short, do whatever it takes to win the game. Double-Edged Sword vs Feast: This mastery is best used by junglers, as they can stack the thnuderlord pretty quickly from the monsters in the jungle. My love for marksman started, when first joined League, I played Vayne exclusively up to level 30 and then picked it up other AD carry champions along the way.

If you’re specifically playing Alistar however, I’d swap out the first tier Resolve “Recovery” mastery with “Unyielding” since his in-lane heal is already very good. The go-to mastery for assassins seson basically any champion that has the potential to do a lot of burst damage.