Before they leave, Reese reveals that before it was destroyed, she saw the message decoded. The Sparticles reach the Quantum Nexus at last and the race is on to see if they can bring back the adults or stay in the world of Emperor Fizzy for ever. It’s been a year since the teen-aged parents were brought by Reece and the Quantum Nexis. Trooper 2 1 episode, In the second series the team continue to attempt to bring back the adults by locating the Quantum Nexus. Tiny 1 episode, Wayne Cater

I also feel that Micheal Grant has been ripped- off here. He is then arrested by Callum for breaking one of the rules but soon freed to help the Sparticles. Reese 36 episodes, Ronaldo 1 episode, Amy Lee Farmer The Sparticles arrive at a ‘haunted’ house and find the next Sensitive, who doesn’t know how to use his powers. Some of the Questers, however, have been caught red-handed stealing food and are made to stand trial in the children’s court where the issue is whether stealing to survive is justified. Reese 36 episodes, Series 2 has been extremely popular with over 2 million hits on BBC iPlayer to date.

Cats 2 episodes, Bryan thinks that the baby won’t be affected to greatly as she doesn’t know much, which infuriates Fizzy, who states that’s why Bryan never made a good father in his future.

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The Questers discover an alarming new threat. Fresh water becomes the latest challenge for the Ranchers, and Frankie goes native in her attempts to find and save the precious resource.

Ernesto 18 episodes, Jerome Holder Sparticlw 3 episodes, After she gives Liam an ice-cream, they head to the supermarket.

Reese 36 episodes, Abbie Hayes Jeffrey 24 episodes, Sadiq and Serena break up in an argument and Kylie tests the Neuroscrambler on Sadiq when she works with the Troll Queen Trina and ties him up and wipes his memories of the day. Tent Boy 1 episode, Callum’s new gang intend to take over the City Hotel, using Kat to gain access. Edit The Sparticle Mystery —. Muna 6 episodes, Sophie Harkness The children travel to the Sparticle Project in an attempt to bring back the adults and re-align the two dimensions.


Beekeeper 1 episode, Kate Dempsey Just before Kat’s dad disappears, he gives her a code to shut down the world’s nuclear power plants. Erimon 12 episodes, Orion explains the plan sparricle the “special places” Reese spoke about to be several points called laylines across the country mirroring the Orion consolation where the sensitives are going to stand. Holly is searching for the others when her mother emerges, and they embrace. Camped outside the school, ex-pupils Ernesto and his rebel gang recruit the Sparticles to overthrow Jeremy’s regime and rescue the Unsuitables — the ‘less-than-perfects’ who do the dirty work for Jeremy and his cadets.

Adult Kim 2 episodes, Erimon 12 episodes, Stephanie Dale But mytery tribe — the Mystic Moles, who are the mysterh of the scientists working there — won’t let anyone through the doors. Queen Boudicca’s daughter wants to help the Sparticles fight against Queen Kylie but she urgently needs to return to her own dimension to fight the Romans.

The Sparticle Mystery

HoloDora had altered the quantum energy transfer to bring back their proper parents possibly losing the old man in the process, who appeared as a hologram with HoloDora. Series 3 is available on the BBC Store. They have to distract a German shepherd dog who is guarding a yard full of petrol lorries. sparticlle


Celtic Warrior uncredited 1 episode, Cillean Campbell As Holly and Serena exit, Holly spots the sword and shows Serena it zparticle dissolved in the acid bath. Kat’s Mum 1 episode, Alicia Lai This page was last edited on 17 Januaryat Along the way they have many adventures and learn important life skills.

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Doomsday Dora tells the Questers to travel to the Quantum Nexus hinting a second series. Jeremy 1 episode, Amanda Horlock Violet 1 mystry, Lydia Rees-Hayward Frankie 35 episodes, Fizzy 20 episodes, Gerran Howell Fizzy helps the Sparticles break into the lighthouse and disable the Neuroscrambler while Aris stays with the keeper, discovering that he dreams about the comet too.

Initially, the world becomes their exciting playground. Trina Troll 1 episode, Coral 1 episode, Phoebe Zajac Guest Appearance of Yanx. Kim reveals to Holly that she is her Teen Mum, but then issues arrive when The S;article isn’t the final sensitive. She turns around and find out that they,too,are gone.

Upon realizing what she really looked like, Dora convinces her to do the right thing and send the teen parents home. The Questers are intrigued by Head Boy Jeremy and his posh boarding school.

Rat 3 episodes, Included in the main cast are: Jag har ont i huvudet: Tank 1 episode, Eddie Sibanda